Message of the Day: Love Yourself

Loving yourself is much like scraping dog poop off the bottom of your shoe. Sounds obscure, I know. Let me explain. When you have dog poop on your shoe and you don’t know it, you find yourself walking around town all day, thinking, “Why does everywhere smell so bad?”

Once you realized that it was just poop on your shoe, you realize that it wasn’t the world that smelt bad, it was you. Once you scrape off the poop, you walk around to those same places and all of the sudden, they smell fantastic! You were simply just projecting your bad smell out onto the world.

Well, the same goes for self love. When we don't have love for ourselves, we go around thinking that the whole world is ugly. We don’t see the beauty. Once you are able to look around and discover that it was just you the whole time, and you choose to love yourself first, you see the world through an entirely new lense. All of the sudden everything appears much brighter and more alive, although the only thing that actually changed was you.